World of Dark Sigil

Dark Sigil is set in a steampunk-esque world where science has assumed a place of respect and power alongside magic. Steam powered airships fill the skies, Dwarven black powder weapons thunder across the battlefields, and Alchemists, masters of science and elemental matter, shape the world as they see fit.

The world of Dark Sigil centers around the continent of Allyeria, a vast landmass with climates ranging from lush tropical jungles to freezing arctic tundras. It was here that the races of men, Elves, and Dwarves formed their respective kingdoms countless generations ago. The races of men took to the plains, highlands, and shores, establishing great cities and ports of trade. The Elves and Eladrin made their homes deep within the forests, jungles, and swamps, preferring solidarity and a closeness with nature to the hustle and bustle of the cities of man. The Dwarves and the Gnomes took to the mountains, carving out their cities deep within the stone and turning the veins of precious ore and gems into masterful works of art.

Life changed in Allyeria with the discovery of the Alchemical Sigils just over a century ago. The sigils , five in all, were great stone tablets engraved with complex designs and alchemical formulas. A group of wizards formed from all the goodly races were entrusted with deciphering the tablets. What they discovered was a well of untold knowledge. They told of ways to harness the elements and use them to create machines of great power; mighty airships, mechanized wagons, and massive naval vessels.

Each stone represented one of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The fifth stone, referred to as the Light Sigil, acted as a primer. The writings upon it showing how to decipher the complex designs on the other stones and revealing the hidden meanings in the mystical symbols etched upon them.

In the century since, the cities of men have grown exponentially, using steam power to further their growth and solidify their military might. The Dwarves and Gnomes used the formulas learned to create mighty weapons and intricate mechanical devices that are in constant demand across the land. The Elves cared not for the machines of men and Dwarves, but instead took it upon themselves to act as guardians for nature.

In the city-state of Helgrand, the Academy of the Elements was formed to impart the knowledge gained from the sigils to those with enough mastery over the arcane and elemental powers to learn it. This is where Alchemists are trained.

World of Dark Sigil

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